Feathers and Denim

I love the way that feathers and denim go so good together. Try a denim top with a pair of colorful shorts and a feather accessory. You could wear a peacock feather headband, a colorful feather necklace or even if your feather necklace is very bland you could always add another accessory to help with the color. Like a pink headband or a or a big colorful bracelet.  Here are a couple examples of my idea:


Cropped Denim Tie Shirt: Forever21.com

Life In Progress Button Tab Denim Shorts: Forever21.com

Scribbled Peacock Feather Headwrap: Forever21.com

Color Craze Pink Bangle Bracelet: JCPenny.com

Peacock Feather Necklace and Earings: babysongs.com