The 2015 Bellevue Collection’s Canvas of Style Runway Show

The Canvas of Style Runway Show at the Bellevue Collection was held on April 25th, 2015. This was my 3rd year going to this show and it was probably my favorite one yet. Again this year, there was a catered breakfast that included pastries and fruit which wasn’t too bad. There was also a goodie bag filled with coupons for stores located in the mall. I was really disappointed in the type of coupons because there weren’t too many that were worth using.

The theme ‘Canvas of Style’ incorporated a lot of color into a lot of the wardrobes this year. I also thought that this year’s outfits were aimed to a wider audience. There were a lot more clothes this year that I could actually see myself wearing. Here are some of my personal favorites from the show:

Topshop Skirt

Nordstrom Topshop full skirt in window pane print

I love all the clothes from Topshop and I especially love this skirt. I think the print of the skirt is very retro and is something that I wouldn’t mind owning myself.

Gap Denim JacketLorna Jane Hoodie

Gap Denim baseball jacket

Lorna Jane White sleeveless hoodie and black mesh top

I really love the sporty trend because I’m a big fan of athletic looking clothes. The denim baseball jacket is a great statement jacket. The black mesh top is also a trend I’m really in love with. These are both super sporty while fashionable at the same time.

Banana Republic VestBanana Republic Shoes

Banana Republic Vest with contrast woven trim

I like to call this look preppy chic. The vest layered on top of the shirt paired with the circle skirt is preppy and trendy. My favorite part of the outfit is the striped shoes worn with socks. It reminds me of the 50’s which is probably one of my favorite eras in fashion.


Intermix Fringe SkirtBCBG Black JacketNordstrom Rebecca Minkoff Jacket

Intermix Suede fringe skirt

BCBGMAXAZRIA Black fringe jacket

Nordstrom Rebecca Minkoff white leather fringe jacket

I’ve never really liked leather jackets until the fringe trend became popular. All these looks are very Bohemian which is what my style closely resembles and owning a fringe jacket or a fringe skirt is a perfect statement piece for a boho chick like me.

DVF Chiffon Dress

Diane Von Furstenberg Blush chiffon dress with gathered front

About 2 years ago, I was obsessed with everything chiffon. This dress reminded me how much I love chiffon. The gathered front gives it an elegant but boho look. I would love to own a beautiful dress like this.

Anthropologie Dress

Anthropologie White deep pleated front shirtdress

This dress is probably my favorite piece out of the whole show. It’s so simple but so chic at the same time. You could totally dress this up or down for any occasion. My favorite part of the dress is the dress shirt top part mixed with the pleats on the bottom. I would love to have this dress be part of my wardrobe.



I’ve noticed that big statement belts are a big trend now, especially for Coachella looks. A big studded belt is a great statement piece for any simple outfit. You can dress up an outfit with a belt or you can wear a studded belt to add to a bohemian look. The belt is a definite must for the spring.

Favorite app of the month: VSCO


My favorite new app of February is the VSCOcam app. I like to think of this app as a mixture of Tumblr and Instagram. I’m really into photography now so I enjoy using this app. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it’s absolutely amazing. The photos on the app for me are breath-taking and very inspirational. I like to go on here when I’m lacking inspiration and creativity. It’s also fun to play around with the filters and editing options. There are so many possibilities and it’s fun to transform a photo and give it more life. I definitely recommend getting this app and try new things with photography. If you do end up downloading the app, follow me @sierra-renee

2014 Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014
On Saturday, April 26th, 2014, I attended the Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show. This is my second year going and it was such a blast. This year we came a little bit earlier and were able to get a closer seat to the runway. I recommend getting a closer seat because you can see the clothes more clearly and are able to take better photos. The food was just as good as last year but I was disappointed at the fact that they didn’t have the same food selection. Last year they had quiche and mini cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon and mini donuts from Top Pot Doughnuts. I also really liked this season’s clothes better than last year’s. I felt they were more stylish and expensive looking. Here are some of my favorite outfits from the runway.

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014I really love this dress from Free People. I love floral and I thought the pleats gave it a pleasing movement to the eye.

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014I love this lemon inspired dress from Kate Spade. She’s one of my favorite designers because her clothes are very classic and sophisticated.

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014The only things I like about this outfit are the powder blue waffle print full skirt from TOPSHOP and the ruffled socks with the heels. The socks were a nice touch to the outfit and it reminded me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014I thought this dress was lovely. It has an interesting floral print with polka dots dress from Anthropologie. It’s actually very intriguing and is the perfect maxi dress to wear in the summer.

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014This brown leather jacket with layering in the front from BCBGMAXAZRIA, is actually a product I would buy. I just love how you can dress it up or dress it down.

Bellevue Style Blooms Runway Show 2014This chiffon maxi dress BCBGMAXAZRIA, was very intriguing to the eye. The pattern of the black and pink was interesting and is something I would definitely love to wear.

This year’s swag bag was a pretty purple makeup bag. I felt like last year’s bag contents were better. Last year, there were things like a free makeover at Sephora and other great coupons. I’d definitely recommend going to this if you are really into great fashion and want to experience what a fashion show is really like. I’ll definitely be going to this event for years to come.

Exclusive Spring 2013 Bellevue Collection Runway Show

Bellevue Square, Center Court

8:30 am Check-in, 9:00 am Show

 Preview the season’s must-have spring trends at The Bellevue Collection’s exclusive before-hours runway show at Bellevue Square benefiting Bellevue Arts Museum. Enjoy chic breakfast bites upon arrival followed by an exclusive, insider runway show featuring all the looks you need for spring. Leave the show a style muse with our to-die-for swag bag and a $10 Bellevue Collection Gift Certificate.

Tickets are $25 with 100% of ticket sales to benefit Bellevue Arts Museum courtesy of The Bellevue Collection. Seating is limited.


I really loved going to this fashion show. It was my first ever exclusive fashion show it was super fun. I loved seeing all the new spring trends out on the runway. I also loved how it was an exclusive seating. It was random seating but I liked how you had to have tickets to get in. It made me feel like I was going to a private party.

They provided breakfast which was really yummy. They provided food from the local hotel near by which was mainly mini quiches. There was also fresh fruit, drinks and coffee. Also Cinnabon and TopPot Donuts provided cinnamon rolls and small donuts. They were super tasty!

They had these swag bags on the chairs. Inside there are a lot of mini gifts and coupons and offers from the stores in the Bellevue Collection. One of them was a free makeover at Sephora. It was super fun getting my makeup done.

My mom and I spent most of the day shopping around using the coupons I got and visited stores that I love to shop at. We also got our nails done at (I don’t know what the name of the place is) It was super nice to relax a little after the long day of shopping.

I shopped at American Eagle and bought a pair of Dark Wash Denim Shorts, $39.95


I also went to Forever21 and got a bunch of new accessories.

I would definitely want to go to this event again. It was totally worth the time and money. This would be great event to go to if you are really into what the trend is for the season. It gives you a good perspective on what is coming up in the stores at the Bellevue Collection.


Blazers have always been a classic. Every person should own this piece of clothing. They are perfect for any age group. What I love about blazers is that you can wear it so many different ways. You could wear it to work during the day, like if you’re a teacher or work in the professional field, and you can wear it at night if you are going out and want to stay comfy. Blazers are becoming very popular so there are a lot of different styles, colors, and even textures. Here are some of my personal favorite blazers.

Ruched Sleeve Knit Blazer

Cream 3/4 Sleeve Blazer

Longline Lace Blazer

Frenchi Railroad Stripe Crop Blazer



Neon clothing, or as I like to call it, highlighter color clothing, is super fun! I love neon colors because it’s so bright and everyone will notice you. Plus, it is the perfect thing to wear during the summer. There are also a lot of different styles you can wear from shirts to shorts to dresses and accessories. What’s really perfect is to wear one neon color with another. My personal opinion is that if you wear, let’s say, a neon yellow shirt with yellow pants, I think it is a little overpowering or tacky. But it would be cute if you wore a neon pink shirt with neon green shorts and a neon pink thin belt.
Here are some of my personal favorite neon clothing:


Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Denim Short

Neon Animal Bodycon Dress

Black Light Optional Neon Yellow Fuchsia Dress

Dolce T-Strap Sandal

Printed Crochet Fringe 2fer Top

Plaid and Stripes; Is This a Crime?

I have always heard that plaid and stripes don’t go together. Is it a bad thing? No, of course it isn’t, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing to wear. I once wore stripes and plaid without even noticing. I just thought it looked good together. But now when I tried on that exact outfit a year later, I thought it didn’t look so bad. I think the thing for mastering plaids and stripes is matching colors pretty well. For example, wearing a light blue and peach plaid shirt with a white and peach striped cardigan doesn’t look that bad. What would you do? Would you wear stripes and plaid?

Here are some cute styles of plaid and stripes:

Strapless Plaid Tunic-

Rubish Stripe V-Back Dress-

Summer Maxis and Rompers

The best thing for me to wear in the summer is something that is comfortable and keeps me cool. I think Maxis and Rompers are the perfect thing to wear this summer. I love maxis because they can be beautiful, long, printed dresses that are very flowing so it’s very easy to move around. These kinds of dresses are perfect with a pair of shades and thong sandals.

Rompers are perfect to wear anywhere. There are also many different styles. They range from just one color to different prints. If I were to wear a romper I would either wear it with a pair of Vans or sandals, sunglasses (of course!!), and a medium sized belt to help distinguish the romper.
Here are some ideas for you:

Laven-Dare You Lavender Romper-

Woven Tribal Ruffle Romper-

Blaque Label More of Backless Ivory Maxi Dress-

Damask Print Maxi Dress-

Toscany Red Leather Sandals-


Polka Dots

I think polka dots are so cute and very old-fashioned. Polka dots are also very girly and chic. Whenever I see polka dots, I always think of Rachel from the television show, Glee. My favorite way to wear polka dots is a mint colored polka dot blouse with a pair of khakis. Wearing a bright colored lipstick really looks good with polka dots. Also, I love polka dot shirts or dresses that have a tailored collar.
Here are some examples:

Hello, Dottie! Polka Dot Dress

American Pinup Girl Polka Dot Dress

The A&F Jegging- Light Khaki- not pictured

Polka Dot Tank- not pictured




Spring Floral

One of my favorite prints is floral. I love flowers so it’s really fun to wear floral prints. Floral goes with pretty much anything. You can pair it with a pair of flip flops, denim and some cute sunglasses. I especially love floral dresses. And it usually looks good with a brown leather braided belt.
My personal favorite way to wear floral is a floral dress with a brown leather belt and a jean jacket with a pair of fun bangles and a pair of Vans. Whether the floral print is big or very small, it is always a spring thing. Here’s some ideas about floral.

Ruffle Floral Belted Dress

DKNY Jeans Floral Print Dress

Flower Print Bandeau Dress

White Vans

Medium Braided Jean Belt

Brandy Melville Light Wash Denim Jacket